05 January, 2012

The Indian community in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Indians are not just successful in their country but have spread their arms of achievement abroad too.  After India the highest majority of Indian population is available in Saudi Arabia. According to recent statistics 2.5 million (25 Lakhs) Indians are working through-out the Kingdom. And  for Indians this is the second home country.

Indians form Saudi Arabia's largest expatriate workforce, working in the various fields from Information Technology to Constructions, with most employed on blue-collar jobs.

Saudi Arabia is a great place to Live and Work and offers excellent potential to save money. Living standards here is good, and cost of living is the cheapest compared to other countries of middle-east. Working environment also good and the professionals  may get  more experience working on latest technology. There is no Tax on Salaries Here, so you'll may good savings and you may also awarded an end-of-contract benefits by sponsor after successful completion of contract term.  In other contractual benefit spouse with upto two children medical care, school education and yearly air-ticket will be provided by the sponsor's of  reputed companies to their employees.

In Saudi Arabia, expatriate workers need to have a local sponsor (saudi citizen) which is called a KAFEEL in arabic language. And those who are under private individual sponsor (kafeel) has to pay him monthly or yearly with Iqama renewal, Exit-Re-entry and Medical Insurance.

If you talk about labour laws it is better in other middle-east countries compare to Saudi Arabia. Public transport is limited not like India due to which there is a heavy traffic during working hours in major cities. Most people uses their own cars for travelling as petrol is cheaper than bottled water.

Saudi Law does'nt offer citizenship to any foreigner or to their childrens born on their land. They'll always be an foreigner (Kharji or Ajnabi).  You will be in Saudi Arabia till your sponsor needs your services and at the end he will send back to your home country on Final Exit or if you're lucky you may get release from him and transfer your sponsorship to another company/sponsor who needs your service.

Many Indians expats wants to continue their studies while working for better prospects and wants to earn higher degrees to get promotions and increment in their jobs. So, our country's recognized university, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and Sikkim Manipal university has started their Centers in Saudi Arabia for them, also there are some local universities which allows foreigners to take admission.


In Saudi Arabia most of the Companies hiring expats because they really do the work, but due to high unemployment rate of Saudi youths, the government is seriously trying to reduce expats workforce by making reservations and implementation of nationalization programs, and forcing the private companies/firms to hire more Saudi youths. And in this regards the government has implement new Saudization program called "Nitaqat" which tells Companies to hire enough Saudis youths otherwise firm will be “blacklisted” and can't get new visas to bring more foreign workers and face problem in renewing visas of existing expats worker.