10 December, 2011

About Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the birth place of  Islam and home of its holiest places (Makkah and Madinah). Saudi Arabia is ruled by the custodian of the two holy mosques King Abdullah.  Saudi Arabia located at middle-east and it is the largest country of Arab. Saudi Arabia is bordered are Jordan and Iraq at the north-east, and at the East-side Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar on the south side Yemen, Oman, and United Arab Emirates.

TOTAL AREA : 2.15 million square kilometer

NATIONAL CAPITAL : Riyadh                                                                      

POPULATION (CITIZENS) : 27 million (2010)

POPULATION (EXPATS) : Above 6 million (2011)

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE : Arabic is an official language, both written and spoken.  English language also mostly used in business sectors.

RELIGION : Islam (Muslim), the public practice of any other religion is forbidden

CURRENCY : Saudi Riyals (SR). 1 SR = US$ 3.75

CLIMATE :  Saudi Arabia has a dry climate with high temperatures in most of the country. Particularly in the central area and the north.  It is hot in summer season (May - September), with temperatures 45° c or above. Humidity is very low all year usually. You may surprise with cold in winter season. It comes to zero or minus, and snow falls in the Asir Mountains sometimes. Sandstorms usually occurs in the north and south. Rain is slight and comes in short bursts, when it can be bothered, and amounts to some four inches a year, with four times that in the mountains. As an obvious word of warning, if you are a little thin on top (or have short cropped hair), wear a hat; a sun burnt scalp is not pleasant.


NATIONAL RESOURCES : Petroleum, Natural Gas, Iron ore, Gold and Copper

  •     Al-Bahah
  •     Al-Hudal Ash Shamaliyah
  •     Al-Jawf
  •     Al-Madina
  •     Al-Qassim
  •     Ar-Riyadh
  •     Ash Shargiyah
  •     Asir
  •     Hail
  •     Jizan
  •     Makkah
  •     Najran and
  •     Tabuk
INDEPENDENCE DAY : September 23, 1932

CONSTITUTION : Governed according to Sharia's (Islamic Law)

  •      Telephones
  •      Mobile Phones
  •      Telex Lines
  •      Pager Services
  •      Public Phone & Cabin Lines
  •      Rail Service
  •      Bus Service (SAPTCO)
  •      Taxis
  •      Police – 999   
  •      Fire – 998
  •      Ambulance – 997
  •      Traffic accident – 993